The grape wine secret

“The grape wine secret” is a love story between Vuk Tomovic and Vera Smiljanic. Both Vuk and Vera are passionate vintners; he is from the north part of the country (Subotica), while she is from the south (Negotin), and also ex-lovers from the early days of their lives while Vuk worked as a seasonal worker in Negotin area. Their relationship broke apart for more than 20 years, due to a tragic death of a close friend Theodora.

Fast forward to today Vuk and Vera met again; he’s an owner of one of the biggest and most successful wine companies from Serbia – Tomovic wine, that is currently expanding to the international market and Vera is a small time distributor in large debt. Vera presents her new wine at the Belgrade’s wine tasting center, wine that Vera and Vuk always dreamt of making together – wine dedicated to their late friend. Unfortunately, Vuk’s attempt to expand on the French market fell through so he offers Vera’s wine “Theodora” instead, and gets a large quantity distribution deal. Vuk and Vera restart their friendship and their relationship, now when they are older, wiser and have their own families.

They constantly battle with different barriers in both business and personal lives, but also with secrets from the past that are casting a new point of view on what they have become. The reignited spark of love between the two makes them realize how unfulfilled their lives were since the breakup. As the story goes on, our couple sacrifices almost everything they have in order to continue where they left off.

The series was created by Dejan Karaklajic and writer Mirjana Bobic Mojsilovic, directed by Ana Maria Rossi, Marko Manojlovic, Gorcin Stojanovic, Dejan Karaklajic and Kosta Djordjevic.

On the 11th International festival of Drama and Series (FEDIS) which brings together all the actors, writers and directors of regional dramas and series and all other artists, “The Grape Wine Secret” won a prestige “Golden Antenna” award for the most watched show in 2021.


Vojin Cetkovic as Vuk Tomovic

Sloboda Micalovic as Vera Smiljanic

Milica Zaric as Jelena Tomovic

Anita Mancic as Vladislava ‘Ruza’ Tomovic…

Marko Vasiljevic as Marko Smiljanic

Sena Djorovic as Lina Tomovic

Luka Grbic as Ivan Tomovic

Nebojsa Milovanovic as Zoran Tomovic

Vanja Nenadic as Anja Tomovic

Dara Dzokic as Mirtea