Dear Neighbor

Dear Neighbor is a Croatian comedy tv show that premiered in April 2018. Show was directed by Marko Manojlovic (known for Andrija and Andjelka show) and Dejan Karaklajic. The show itself is the adaptaion of a famous French serie „Nos chers voisins“.

The show is focused on lives of several tenants residing in the same crazy building. The main characters are played by Natasa Dangubic and Moamer Kasumovic, portraiting family Zovko, a conservative couple with traditional values while Katarina Markovic and Petar Ciritovic are playing modern and liberal couple Petkovic. Famous Serbian actor Zoran Cvijanovic portraits a know-it-all maintnance officer of the building while Ornela Vistica plays a sexy girl next door that will turn many heads in the building, except the female ones. Asim Ugljen and Ivan Magud will appear as two roomates living next door to Ornela Vistica.

Show is consisted of 10 episodes each 40 minutes long. While airing on RTL television channel, show was presented as 40 minute episodes and several skits that were played before the 8 o’clock episode.